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Foodie is a project started 2 years ago to solve the problems of the Food & Drink sector in the digital world. It is a project developed to eliminate the problems experienced in the enterprise and to create a worldwide brand value.

Foodie makes it easy for your guests to order. You can place an order without contact by reading the QR code on the table. You can call the waiter and request a bill. If you share the Wi-Fi password of your business, it can be connected to your Wi-Fi network

  1. You don't wait for the menu
  2. Ordering is very easy
  3. Hygienic
  4. Multi language support
  1. Easy request bill
  2. Easy to calling the waiter
  3. Always up to date
  4. Easy to learn Wi-Fi password


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  2. Discover restaurants nearby
  3. Scan QR code on the table
  4. Access the digital menu
  5. Place your order
  6. Share your experience


No more wait for the waiter! Contactless Order