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Mobile App Unique To Your Brand

POWERED BY FOODIE is a special service that allows you to create a completely custom application for your brand using the underlying infrastructure of the Foodie app. This application includes Foodie services that you can utilize for your business. The design and branding will be entirely unique to your brand.


Brand-Centric App

We create a completely personalized app for your brand, utilizing the framework of Foodie. Your customers will enjoy a digital experience that resonates with your brand identity.

Harnessing Foodie Infrastructure

Benefit from the robust and reliable infrastructure of Foodie, ensuring seamless and efficient app performance. You'll receive top-notch technological support.

Wider Audience Reach

Your app will also be showcased on the Foodie platform, increasing your chances of being discovered by thousands of Foodie users.

No Extra Commissions

Your integrated virtual POS system eliminates commission fees. You retain the full revenue from your sales.

Presence on Digital Marketplaces

Your brand will feature on your own digital marketplaces, allowing customers to easily place orders through the app.


Compared to developing an app from scratch, our solution is 50 times more cost-effective, providing you with a custom infrastructure without straining your budget.

Swift and Timely Delivery

We expedite app development. Your brand-specific mobile app will be up and running within just 40 business days.

Instant Launch Capability

Start working with Foodie immediately. Offer exclusive deals to your customers without waiting for app development.

How It Works?

We design the application for your brand and power it with the Foodie infrastructure.

Now, without any waiting, you can immediately start working with POWERED BY FOODIE and introduce your brand-specific application to your customers. Entering the world of applications has never been this easy and advantageous!

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1 Design Phase

Our expert designers craft a design that aligns with your brand's identity.

2 Approval

We share the design with you for your approval.

3 Development

After receiving your approval, we initiate the development process of your app.

4 Testing

We rigorously test your app to ensure a flawless user experience.

5 Launch

In the final step, we launch your app, making it available to your customers.


Features Custom App
Brand-Centric App
Foodie Infrastructure
Wider Audience Reach
No Extra Commissions
Presence on Digital Marketplaces
Swift and Timely Delivery
Instant Launch Capability

Start Now!

With POWERED BY FOODIE, acquire a remarkable mobile app for your business and establish stronger connections with your customers!

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