Add value with Loyalty Programs:

  • How can you demonstrate value to your customers in addition to a great dining experience? The best way to do this is through loyalty programs.
  • While hole-punched or stamped cards may be a traditional solution for customer loyalty, they often get lost and forgotten. Instead, restaurant loyalty software provides a smoother and more engaging experience for your customers.

The importance of loyalty programs in brand relationships

76% of customers believe that loyalty programs are important in establishing long-term relationships with brands.

The impact of loyalty programs on customer return:

69% of customers stated that loyalty programs brought them back to a restaurant again.

The increase in customer spending due to loyalty programs:

After joining a loyalty program, 49% of customers admitted to spending more.

Why Foodie?

Get started for free

Create your own campaign in your restaurant or cafe without hardware and setup costs. Start your free trial.

Increases your profit

It provides up to 13% increase to your earnings with loyalty programs. It also reduces employee and menu printing costs.

Make your customers loyal

Make them loyal customers by making campaigns to your customers who come to your business.

Helps you know your customers

By segmenting your customers, it helps you get to know them better and create special campaigns for them.

How it works?

Views the menu

Your customers view the menu by scanning the Foodie QR code on the tables.

Views the campaigns

Your customers views the loyalty programs and campaigns you have made for your customers who come to your restaurant.

Order and pay

After choosing the desired foods through the Foodie application and places order and makes the payment.

Earns discount coupon

After the order, the discount coupon is earned and defined to the Foodie account.

Brings your customer back

Foodie reminds your customer of the discounts they have earned. It allows you to reach your customer again and make a special campaign for they.

Mobile App Unique To Your Brand

Powered by Foodie

Powered by Foodie

POWERED BY FOODIE is a special service that allows you to create a completely custom application for your brand using the underlying infrastructure of the Foodie app. This application includes Foodie services that you can utilize for your business. The design and branding will be entirely unique to your brand.

One platform for all restaurants

Quick Service

Cafe & Bakery

Fast Casual


Food Truck

Service They Prefer

Digital Menu and Menu Translation

Onsite and Delivery Order

POS Order System

Coupons, Promotions and Discounts

Full Service

Bar & Nightclub

Casual Dining

Fine Dining

Hotels & Beach

Service They Prefer

Digital Menu and Menu Translation

Onsite and Delivery Order

POS Order System

Coupons, Promotions and Discounts

Chef izakaya
Central Bar
6:45 Kaybedenler Kulübü
Duca Lounge
Ot Grup

Do you only want a Loyalty App?


Letstamp is perfect for you—both budget-friendly and easy to use. You can sign up and create your loyalty campaign within minutes. Discover the ease of digital stamp cards and the convenience of re-engaging with your customers right away.

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Who are we?

Foodie is a SaaS platform that offers digital services for restaurants and cafes. With a small and dynamic team, Foodie started its development in 2019 and continuously improves based on customer feedback. It specializes in providing customizable digital solutions, including loyalty programs, online ordering, table reservations, and customer engagement. Foodie aims to support the growth and success of restaurant and cafe owners by enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the digital realm.

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