Foodie is a SaaS platform that provides digital services for restaurants and cafes, enabling them to create loyalty programs and streamline their business processes. Our journey began in 2009 as Mavigen Digital software company, where we successfully undertook numerous diverse projects. Currently, the Foodie team is small, yet dynamic and young.

We initiated the development of Foodie in 2019 and have continuously improved it based on the valuable feedback we received. Through these insights, Foodie has become specialized in offering customizable digital services to restaurant and cafe owners. Businesses can create loyalty programs, manage online orders, handle table reservations, and engage with their customers through a user-friendly interface. Foodie provides advanced technological solutions to enhance operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction for these establishments.

As the Foodie team, we are passionate about our work and dedicated to supporting restaurant and cafe owners in building successful digital presences. We constantly strive to develop new features and innovative solutions, placing a priority on meeting the needs and feedback of our customers. Our goal is to contribute to their growth by providing them with the necessary tools to increase customer loyalty, improve operations, and gain a competitive advantage in the digital market.

Welcome to Foodie! We are excited to work with you in achieving digital transformation in the restaurant and cafe industry.

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